The Owner

Urban Totem's large collection of over 300 antique chandeliers and exclusive furnishings caters to designers and those seeking the unusual. Shop owner Pamela Matiosian's eye for both art and design comes from years of experience as both an artist and a collector.

As a painter and sculptor with 2 MFA's Matiosian has created over 50 residential and commercial commissions and was the first female artist to have a one-person show at Navy Pier's prestigious New Art Forum (now Sofa) . She has also worked as a color consultant for several Chicago architectural firms and designed fabrics for 2 major design houses.

Collecting vintage pieces and creating art has always been a life long passion for Matiosian. "Visual artists are collectors by nature", says Pam. "I only collect what I love. I can't sell something I wouldn't have in my own personal collection."

Matiosian's study of glass blowing in Murano, Italy fueled an everlasting love of all things Venetian, a sensibility that permeates the ever-changing inventory of Urban Totem.

Pamela is currently in the process of designing a line of original light fixtures.

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