Custom Upholstery

Pamela's collection of upholstery fabric and animal hides are artfully chosen seasonally in New York City. We also stock vintage fabrics for custom work.

Color Consultation

Color implementation has been the key component to Matiosian's custom art installations for 20 years, and is now a highlight for customers that need an "artist's touch" when choosing a palette for their home. Color design consultations are scheduled through the shop from 9am to noon.

Interior Design

Clients wishing to re-imagine their living space by incorporating new additions to compliment existing pieces can schedule Pamela for on-site design consultation.

Estate Sales

Urban Totem can handle all aspects of your estate sale from planning to execution. We also purchase entire estates.

Prop Rental

Urban Totem's merchandise is available to set designers for a fee of 25% of item's sale price per week.